Corruption is a natural part of human nature

Rula Samain
Rula Samain (Photo: Jordan News)
I believe corruption is in human nature, just watch a group of children playing building blocks. There is always this child that smoothly but deliberately punches the blocks down and enjoys seeing them scattered, his friends crying, he is the only one smiling. اضافة اعلان

His mother rushes to his side with the scientific excuse that it’s part of growing up, and that eventually he will grow out of it. Which to a certain extent is true — if he is punished and has learnt to respect rules and boundaries, otherwise his dark seed will overcome him.

Indeed, corruption is a dark seed resides in human nature, forcing whoever nurtures it to act in an unacceptable social manner. It becomes contagious and socially acceptable when trying to rationalize it, only then does corruption become more dangerous than weapons — and more dangerous to the person that’s corrupted than to others around him. 

Corruption comes in many shapes but no matter how small, it always reproduces injustice and hinders progress.  Social misconduct such as lying, steeling, forging, bribing, fraud, and other dishonest performances are only a few of the names corruption takes.

And it is omnipresent. Its root cause is greed, along with bitterness and anger. All expose human weakness.

The opposite of corruption is righteousness, which demands a lot of effort in the face of the mounting resilience tackling it. 

In my imagination, corruption is bad fruit in a fresh and healthy basket, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In our current times, corruption is the most pressing concern; it is still making headlines. It is the enemy of progress. It fuels poverty, political instability, and is a threat to economic growth. There should be no justifications or gray areas, because only when there are expectations, does it becomes part of social identity.

I truly believe that the answer to all the world’s problem is love. Just dwell on this idea of enforcing the law to reach harmonious life by urging them to stimulate love. Love is the base of all laws. It leads people from accepting and loving themselves to loving their neighbors, and eventually to having control over such dark seeds, bearing in mind that faith along with establishing law and order is key to societies’ growth and prosperity.

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