Celebrating Romania, and ties with Jordan

George Cristian Maior, Ambassador of Romania to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
On December 1, Romania celebrates 104 years since the Great Union, a crucial moment — when “hope and history rhyme”, to quote the Irish poet Seamus Heaney — in the country’s history, and the culmination of the most important story of our evolution as a state, society and democracy. اضافة اعلان

On December 1, we celebrate Romania, our freedom, our liberty, our independence, our people.

In the evolution of a nation there are moments when the need for transformation, of the society and the state, is obvious, when adapting to another context, to new realities is vital for security, prosperity and even survival.

In 2022, nations need to overcome many challenges: the post pandemic era, the February 24 unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a long economic crisis with global consequences related to food and energy security, and inflation. But the bleak and gloomy is not part of diplomacy, and in no way part of my personal appraisal of life, when optimism should prevail and support mankind in making decisions.

The National Day of Romania, the Great Union, is a reason for joy, a day for praising the predecessors, the Romanian political elites inspired by a country project of the 1848 generation and by great personalities like the American statesman Woodrow Wilson, and our forerunners and founding fathers who fought for their goals and reaching the ideal of the unity of a nation. That was an important moment, an intrinsic European tendance that Romanians intelligently grasped to consolidate our statehood and to accomplish the national unity that today we are proud of.

The democratic values that guided the people in 1918 are the values that still guide our nation today, when sharp sense, a strategic vision for a better and wealthy future, continued efforts to consolidate our state as part of the Euro-Atlantic community, a community based on respect for international law, human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law, and for the rights of minorities and cultural diversity are still required.

This is the second time I have the privilege to celebrate the National Day in Jordan as ambassador of Romania to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a very beautiful and culturally rich country. In this capacity, it is my utmost privilege to mention and commend the position and active role of Jordan in the region, as a key factor of political equilibrium and moderation, as well as its stance as a longtime and close partner in the Middle East in terms of diplomacy, security, and counterterrorism.

One of Romania’s goals is to work to promote new initiatives and programs to bring peace, stability and prosperity to this historically and geopolitically relevant region. As a member of the EU, Romania contributes substantially to strong partnerships across many sectors, mainly within the broader EU-Jordan Association Council.

Starting on January 1, 2023, the Romanian Embassy in Amman will take over the mandate of NATO Contact Point Embassy, meant to enhance the relationship between the North Atlantic allies and the partners in the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue. This will provide another opportunity to work together with Jordan to prevent and counter common threats.
The nearly 14,000 Jordanian citizens who graduated from universities in Romania and are now successful specialists with considerable experience in various fields, and enjoy the respect of their communities, are clear evidence of decades of traditional and unbroken ties between Romania and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Trust is key in our bilateral relationship; it came about as a result of a longstanding and substantial history together, joint interests and strong ties between our peoples. For generations we understood that our most valuable resource is represented by our citizens and that is why Romania and Jordan focus more and more on education as a strong bridge between our cultures.

The nearly 14,000 Jordanian citizens who graduated from universities in Romania and are now successful specialists with considerable experience in various fields, and enjoy the respect of their communities, are clear evidence of decades of traditional and unbroken ties between Romania and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Furthermore, in my country there is genuine interest, both at governmental and academic levels, in strengthening bilateral cooperation within this important area. Currently, up to 100 scholarships in different areas and at different levels (bachelor, master, PhD) are being granted. A new inter-governmental protocol was signed. Direct relationships between Romanian and Jordanian universities are another effective tool of increasing student and teacher exchange, including through participation in European programs that we encourage and support.

Like education, economy has a direct impact on the future of the world. Jordan is one of the most important economic partners of Romania, and the 57 years of diplomatic ties have greatly contributed to the development of the bilateral economic, investment and trade relations.

Nowadays, our countries have strongly committed to strengthening our excellent cooperation and trade partnership, with viable outcomes that benefit both our nations. By 2021, our total bilateral trade stood at almost $0.5 billion, a 65 percent increase over 2020. Bilateral trade has witnessed a constant upward trend in recent years, benefiting both economies. An extended partnership between our countries will no doubt help increase Jordan’s exports to Romania. There is certainly great potential to increase the value and expand the structure of our bilateral trade, and we can do this by working together to identify new opportunities.

Nowadays, when global challenges are so diverse, we should focus on increasing the role of the two business communities, and creating the best conditions to stimulate a sustainable economic growth by intensifying direct contacts, exchanging business opportunities, and working in economic and investment projects. Although indicators show that our bilateral relations are on a solid footing, we believe that there is still room for the development of our historical partnership. This should be done through increased cooperation and partnership in the field of food security.

Political diplomatic dialogue is at the highest level as well. This year — when Romania celebrates 160 years of diplomacy — was particularly successful in our bilateral relationship. We have witnessed constant interaction between the leaderships of our countries, which in turn enabled us to strengthen cooperation, trade and investment. For the upcoming 2023, we are aiming for a more enhanced high-level dialogue highlighting the special relationship and partnership between Romania and Jordan. And there are good premises for this goal.

The National Day of Romania’s celebration looks different this year as we are all contending with old and new sets of complex challenges. We passed through a pandemic with global consequences, we experience anxieties due to the effects of climate change, security uncertainty and unrest in many parts of the world, and economies worldwide face challenges due to the war in Ukraine.

Only by standing together can we overcome the present challenges, with wisdom and intelligence, with resilience and mindfulness of the UN Charter and the fundamental principles of international law.

On this special occasion, I wish Jordan, as well as my fellow Romanians and their families, the best of health, happiness, peace and prosperity!

George Cristian Maior is the ambassador of Romania to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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