Billie Eilish: The youngest pop queen around

Even in the already exclusive club of singers whose videos have been watched more than one billion times on Youtube, and where she surely belongs, Billie Eilish is in a class of her own. If only because the young artist is not even 20 yet.اضافة اعلان

Numbers, however, are not everything. By any purely musical measure, Eilish deserves the global, unanimous acknowledgement she has received so far. The music is great, the voice is incomparable and the technical production immaculate. Add to that a very personal sonic imprint, one that sounds like no other, and you get the winning combination that we have seen at work.

To give credit where credit is due, one must recognize the work of musician and composer Finneas O’Connell, who is behind most of Eilish’s recordings. Finneas is Billie’s own brother and has already won eight Grammy awards. He is only 23. Apparently raw talent runs young in their family. When talking about the music he composes and produces for his baby sister, Finneas explained that he writes “from her perspective and for her vocal range.”

If most of the lyrics, understandably, relate to Eilish’s generation, you will be irresistibly attracted to the music regardless of your age. Many of the songs actually are “out of time and out of space”, like for instance, the moving “No Time to Die”. There is another explanation to the wide appeal of Billie Eilish’s singing: despite her young age, she delivers very mature vocal tones and sounds particularly nice in the low range, which is rather unusual for someone this age.

Being able to appeal to a wide audience, across generations, is one of Eilish’s gifts. It is a precious one and comes to show that good music is … well, good music. Listen to “Bad Guy,” a duet with fellow megastar Justin Bieber, or to “Lovely,” another duet with Khalid, and you will realise how wide a musical scope Eilish has.

Whereas Youtube videos may be more entertaining because of the visual impact, you would have to play the actual CD or stream the music on platforms like Deezer or Spotify — set at high definition — to enjoy the full extent of Eilish’s music and voice. Or, you can keep shifting between the videos and audio streams if you become hooked on the artist’s music, like the writer of this article has.

Billie Eilish’s success very well illustrates how important it is to be different from the crop, in addition of course, to being genuinely talented. Today, more than 99 percent of pop songs sound more or less the same, and less than one percent manages to stand out — to cut through. The American singer without a doubt belongs in the second category. She has brought something beautiful, something fresh, something new to pop music.

There have not been any new releases by Eilish since last November, but her debut studio album, which dates back to 2019, the ensuing live album and the many singles already constitute a good collection of more than 40 tracks to enjoy again and again.

Billie Eilish may well be the most significant young female novelty in the realm of English pop music for the last 10 years or so, putting aside the very special case of British megastar Adele. Which is not to make any comparison between the two ladies; they have very different styles, altogether — any comparison would be futile.

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