ASE index jumps by 2.61 percent

(Amman Stock Exchange)
AMMAN — The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) index jumped by 2.61 percent during Monday’s trading session, closing at 1,969.65 points as optimism atmosphere prevails among investors and all sectors.اضافة اعلان

According to ASE data, the rise spread to all sectors with the financial index increasing by 3.06 percent, the industrial index increasing by 1.58 percent, and the services index increasing by 1.29 percent.

Blue-chip shares also continued to rise to their maximum permitted trading levels, amid focus on banking shares, some of which have been quiet since the beginning of the first quarter. Financial focus at the moment is being built around banks, the shares of which are already being traded below their value compared to their prices, which resulted in considerable demand for them for the second session in a row. 

Demand in the second session outstripped supply, with the realization dawning after some time has passed during the session, that buying requests have accumulated with some having no desire to sell.

This rise is deemed a significant indicator in light of today being a public holiday; pointing to investors’ desire to maintain their financial statuses, although the possibility of profit-takings is valid, particularly on part of speculators who achieved high gains on many shares.

Trading value for Monday reached JD12.4 million, with 8.5 million shares traded through 5,382 transactions.

The shares of 108 companies were traded, of which the shares prices of 67 companies rose, and the shares prices of 16 companies declined.

Since the beginning of the year, ASE has achieved gains amounting to 11.7 percent by the end of Monday’s session, which is a good sign, compared to previous years, when shares suffered from investors’ poor appetite for security investments. Trading sessions are seeing demand for blue-chip shares from foreign funds, compared to previous periods, which has contributed to a positive push.

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