US to Israel: Arab states are planning for the “day after” the Gaza war

(File photo: Jordan News)
WASHINGTON – On Saturday, the White House informed Israel that Arab countries are crafting a plan for the “day after” the war on the Gaza Strip, which includes a provision for integrating Hamas into the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).اضافة اعلان

Citing an unnamed source, the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) reported that the US is engaged in discussions with unnamed Arab countries regarding the post-war scenario, as per Quds Press and Nabd.

During his recent visit to Israel, US President Joe Biden’s special envoy, Brett McGurk, urged Netanyahu to engage in ministerial discussions regarding the “day after” the war. The American envoy warned that if Israel does not make decisions, the Arab countries and the US will proceed with the issue without Israel’s involvement.

Paris negotiations
On Friday, several countries participated in Paris negotiations for the exchange of captives and prisoners between Hamas and Israel. Talks have centered around easing Hamas’s demands on one side and Israel’s conditions on the other, which have hindered reaching an agreement so far.

The Paris conference included the presence of Mossad Director David Barnea, CIA Director William Burns, Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, and Egyptian Intelligence Chief Abbas Kamel.

In November 2023, Qatari and Egyptian mediation successfully brokered a week-long ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, during which there was a cessation of hostilities, prisoner exchanges, and extremely limited humanitarian aid delivered to Gaza.

The Israeli war on Gaza is approaching its fifth month, and there seems to be no imminent relief for the isolated Palestinian civilians in the Strip. For 141 days, they have endured terrifying random bombardments and the siege imposed by Netanyahu’s government. Over half of the affected population are children. The destruction of most hospitals and medical centers exacerbates the situation, along with restricted access to medicines in the besieged region.

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