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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: You may be tempted to give the wrong person the benefit of the doubt. Think things through after consulting a friend for feedback. Take action openly so everyone can see your good intentions and teamwork.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You could have a romantic partner wrapped around your finger but there might still be strings attached. Do not fight against duties that are included in your commitments. Loved ones may offer beneficial counseling.

GEMINI: If you have your finger on the trigger be ready to shoot. You may feel more enthusiastic and better equipped to display executive ability than you have recently. You can be seen as a model of intelligence and industry.

CANCER: Avoid a temptation to take refuge in some kind of gray area. Ethical questions that apply to social situations could surface and place you in a state of anxiety. Follow the lead of a passionate and poised partner.

LEO: Love someone for what they are, not for what you wish they would be. Minor misunderstandings and problems might occur if you make a decision today. You may not think clearly so don’t draw attention to yourself.

VIRGO: Outline your purpose in big block letters. Boundaries allow for generosity and kindheartedness without being seen as a doormat. Your powerful insights could give you dominance over the results.
LIBRA: Your networking skills may become honed with extra practice.. You might find that the challenge of dealing with group social issues helps you become more accomplished and competent. Focus on finding useful solutions.

SCORPIO: Good ideas can flower when you step away from distractions. A loved one’s intense interests can motivate you to try something new. You may need to test out more than one option to find the one that resonates.

SAGITTARIUS: Capitalize on savvy business ideas and consider banking on a partner’s support for your most important projects. Show off your friendliness and enthusiasm, as it may be what is needed to get attention and win approval.

CAPRICORN: Use a discerning eye and in-depth research. Supporting a local maker or craftsman might feel especially satisfying. Learn to find value in quality and uniqueness rather than in following every trend.

AQUARIUS: When you can prove to yourself that you have learned from the past, life gets very hopeful. Spending more time engaged in group activities can be productive. Be forgiving if your significant other exaggerates their successes.

PISCES: Since you are known by the company you keep, it makes sense to choose your companions carefully. Strive to always live up to your highest ideals yourself but be sure to have realistic expectation of other people.

IF OCT. 3 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Tread carefully during the next two weeks so you don’t do anything which could com-pound past errors. Make snap decisions without fear in the last half of the month. Whatever you set into motion in November can endure, making this an excellent time to set down roots or to begin a new health regimen. In late November or early December, you could be rewarded for your efforts, or you may receive an excellent opportunity that you should be able to accept. You may have the good judgment and the enthusiasm to pursue your dreams. Your competitive edge is sharpened during late December and January. This could be a good time to tackle executive tasks or engage in physical activities. Watch your step in late January when you may be fooled by someone or something and should avoid new romantic entanglements. 

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