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ARIES: Calculate the consequences carefully. Do not accept challenges that may lead you into making a knee-jerk business decision. Right now you are better suited for working in the background to get something worthwhile accomplished.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Double check the numbers and carefully proof and edit text. The extra time you spend on accuracy should be time well spent. Your attitude toward income and investments could shift in the week ahead.

GEMINI: This week could trigger self-reflection and foretell a few weeks when you think more about yourself than others. Some of your spending or investment choices could have long-lasting effects on your future.

CANCER: Learn to say “no.” You may be overwhelmed with promotional offers or an array of competitive business policies. Your perseverance can be rewarded so focus on achieving objectives and ignore outside influences.

LEO: To get anything done to your standards, do it yourself. Once you begin working on achieving a goal, you could be relentless. Don’t rely on someone else to act on your behalf as your needs may take second place to theirs.

VIRGO: It is possible that going to work seems like a tiresome drill leaving little time for yourself. You may need to schedule time for loved ones. If someone approaches you for advice, avoid criticism and try to be encouraging.

LIBRA: Rules try your patience but following them keeps you out of trouble and produces a positive result. A romantic partner may seem to be more interested in business than in you. You can’t please everyone, so just be yourself.

SCORPIO: This isn’t the time to sweat the small stuff. Stay focused on meaningful issues as wasting time on trivialities may only hold you back. Work to release prejudices; avoid voicing disapproval or criticisms during discussions.

SAGITTARIUS: Play to everyone’s strengths. You may be wise about ways to make permanent home improvements. Let a partner or loved one who is passionate about material success take charge of shared finances or resources.

CAPRICORN: Push past hesitations. There’s no point in waiting for someone else when you have the power and know-how to get a job done. Take great care when making decisions that can negatively affect your income or assets.

AQUARIUS: You may be so busy juggling responsibilities and toeing someone’s line that you are unable to appreciate your blessings. This is a poor time to make crucial decisions about business or to sign financial contracts.

PISCES: Show up and support your tribe. You can provide enthusiasm and support to encourage a friend or loved one to realize their dreams. Small setbacks seem trivial when compared to your success with long-term objectives.

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