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ARIES: Focus on what is needed. In the week, ahead you might cut a romantic figure but will need to face the facts and attend to your responsibilities. Learn to add intention and determined action to your dreams.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may receive more attention than usual for being creative and original. Display a genuine interest in others in the week to come. It costs nothing and makes everyone feel good even if you are not in complete agreement.

GEMINI: Friends might appreciate your down to earth, practical outlook. Check for messages frequently as the week unfolds because someone could give you beneficial or insightful information. Remain open-minded to achieve your goals.

CANCER: Your loved ones may offer reminders that hard work is what is needed to become secure, but remember that vision and perseverance are needed too. Exercise some discretion when juggling funds in the week ahead.

LEO: What you think you see may not be what you get. In the week ahead, you can go overboard when indulging in romantic fantasies. Focus on getting work completed and helping a partner attend to obligations for the best results.

VIRGO: Love thy neighbor. Being tolerant and generous might not be convenient but can bring deep satisfaction. Your money intuition may be off – don’t offer financial advice to friends or family in the upcoming week.

LIBRA: Forge new friendships. You can invoke a favorable first impression in those you meet in the week to come. Experiment with new ways of doing things and handling problems before sharing them with your crew.

SCORPIO: Do the math and be sure the exchange is even in the workplace. Capitalize on an ability to dig deep and perform research about career and business affairs. You may make a friend this week who challenges you to be more observant.

SAGITTARIUS: Earn extra appreciation for being loyal and offering unconditional love to your family. You may tackle more than your fair share of the workload in the week ahead to impress your boss and coworkers.

CAPRICORN: Funnel your energy and competitiveness into areas where you can express imagination and vision. Your focus could become scattered as the week unfolds, but people will likely appreciate your work ethic anyway.

AQUARIUS: Dedicate yourself to supporting others in the upcoming week. Necessity may demand that you do what is needed to complete a large list of tasks or deadlines while remaining polite and attentive to the needs of others.

PISCES: You may enjoy a bubble of serenity and peace of mind in the week to come. Your generosity might place you in the limelight or your good judgment could be applauded. You may enjoy a new interest or research project.

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