Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: An old flame could reenter the picture. This is not a good day to end or begin a relationship, but later in the week you can be free to pick and choose. A sibling, relative or a neighbor might share practical ideas.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Put the brakes on for a few days. Honor your existing obligations but don’t enter into additional agreements until the second half of the week. Unforeseen drawbacks and obstacles could slip beneath your radar.

GEMINI: Get organized and maintain everything in good working order within your immediate environment, but if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. A shift in routines might impact a stable relationship in the upcoming week.

CANCER: Keep it discreet. Only discuss private and confidential matters with your closest and most trusted friends. Restrain your happy-go-lucky ways during the next few days when you are enveloped in a no-nonsense atmosphere.

LEO: Pump up your self-confidence and belief in yourself with plenty of self-validation. Refresh yourself by spending some quiet time in serene surroundings so that you can better deal with the stress of daily responsibilities.

VIRGO: If you feel frustrated or blocked at work, a positive attitude can get you through in the week ahead. Luckily, loved ones should be there to help keep you sane. Evolution means adapting to changes with good grace.

LIBRA: Focus on fixing any issues within your home, sweet home. Spend extra time feathering your own nest and making it meet your ideals. A network of friends and supporters might grow and thrive in the week ahead.

SCORPIO: Don't be afraid to reassess or adjust your plans. You may feel bogged down by family problems or obligations in the early part of the week. Use a logical approach to make progress in your job or career during the week ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: Do the job right the first time. Past mistakes may make some tasks more difficult in the next few days. Put finishing touches on existing projects but wait until later in the week to start something of great importance.

CAPRICORN: You seldom invest your time in half measures. In the week ahead, you could become immersed in a new group or develop a wider network of friends. Once your attention is captured, you go for it full throttle.

AQUARIUS: Dealt lemons? Make limoncello. In the week ahead, use whatever resources are at your disposal to turn negatives into positives. Be attentive to your duties and learn important lessons from any criticisms.

PISCES: Your loyalty can be a rock. The feeling of permanence you might sense today may inspire you to make solid improvements in the week ahead. You can probably mirror someone else’s attitudes to achieve consensus and harmony.

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