Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES:  Pay more attention to what's ahead of you and less to what's behind. Letting go of what's no longer working for you will liberate you from routine and boredom. Put your time, energy and skills into something meaningful. A proposal looks inviting.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS:  Uncertainty will leave you feeling restless. Rethink your long-term plans, and adjust to suit trends. A heartfelt discussion with someone you respect will put your mind at ease and encourage you to put your energy where it counts.  

GEMINI:  The changes happening around you will turn into a learning experience. Be receptive, and everything will fall into place. An interesting connection you make will turn into a helpful and resourceful partnership. A financial gain or contract looks promising.  

CANCER:  A learning curve is apparent. Be open to suggestions and willing to do the legwork, and you will achieve your goal. A promise or commitment will bring you closer to someone special. A change you make will get positive results.  

LEO:  Surround yourself with reliable people who helped you in the past. The way you present what you want to pursue will lead to interest and backing that can help you reach your goal. Make sure your research is foolproof.  

VIRGO:  Keep your facts straight, and you'll avoid trouble. Use your imagination when trying to please someone you love. Plan a special event that will put you in the spotlight. You will accomplish plenty if you are direct about what you want.  

LIBRA:  Embrace life and be a participant, and you'll rise to the top. How you treat others and what you bring to the table will put you in a leadership position. Kindness and generosity will count if you want to get your way.  

SCORPIO:  Take an innovative approach to life, and you'll discover something about who you are and what makes you happy. Reevaluate your current situation, and you'll recognize what to initiate to acquire peace of mind. Personal growth and a healthy attitude are favored.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Remember the past and how others treated you before you trust again. Scrutinize situations thoroughly, and determine what's best for you before you proceed. A friendly demeanor will protect you from an unsavory situation. Take the high road.  

CAPRICORN:  Energy, passion and determination will help you flourish. If you do something uplifting or participate in something that makes a difference, you will gain significant satisfaction and knowledge that points you in an exciting direction. Follow your heart.  

AQUARIUS:  Spend more time at home. Prepare for upcoming events. Don't let a last-minute change of plans ruin your day. Do what you can, and you'll be happy with the results. An energetic approach to life and love will pay off.  

PISCES:  You'll misread what someone is trying to convey. Don't overreact or start a feud when keeping the peace is in your best interest. Use intelligence to combat any negativity you encounter, and offer help to those who have lost their way.

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