Prodigious Lebanese writer, Hayat Howayek, passes away

The writer wrote and worked extensively in her adopted home of Jordan

The late Lebanese writer and researcher Hayat Howayek is pictured in this undated photo. (Photo: Hayat Howayek’s social media)
The late Lebanese writer and researcher Hayat Howayek is pictured in this undated photo. (Photo: Hayat Howayek’s social media)
AMMAN — The Lebanese writer and researcher Hayat Howayek, who was noted for contributing hundreds of articles to Arab newspapers passed away on Monday in Cairo.اضافة اعلان

The late Howayek was a columnist, writer, researcher, academic, journalist, and media expert with a focus on media geopolitics. She had worked in journalism and media in various capacities since 1979, including establishing departments, contributing to institutions, and planning and producing programs.  Howayek has also had a column in different Arab newspapers and publications since 1989. She was also my professor at the University of Petra.

Following the start of the Lebanese Civil War, Howayek moved to Jordan, where she began her career in media. She worked in a variety of visual and print media outlets such as Al-Rai Newspaper and Jordan TV. She also taught at the University of Petra in Jordan, and was well-known for her advocacy of national Arab issues and willingness to support the Palestinian cause. She defended Arab issues and had numerous articles published in international newspapers.

Howayek wrote daily and weekly articles in national and international newspapers about the Middle East and international politics, as well as in publications focused on cultural issues and foreign affairs, such as Al Khaleej Newspaper, Alarab Al Yawm Newspaper, and Addustour Newspaper.

In the late 1990s, documentaries were a big part of Howayek's experience, as she was interested in documenting Arab cities, such as Yemen, Cairo, Alexandria, Aleppo, and Damascus.

Howayek also wrote travel literature, theater, novels, and reviews, as well as translations of other works. Howayek translated many books from French to Arabic and vice versa, as well as philosophy, theater, poetry, and fiction, such as Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder's novel “Sophie's World,” which is about the history of philosophy. Moreover, she received many honors and decorations for her efforts from various associations.
She worked on translating Arabic poetry into French for many poets, including Mustafa Wahbi Tal, Fadwa Tuqan, Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab, Haider Mahmoud, Habib Al-Zeyoudi, and Jeries Samawi.

In addition, Howayek launched her book “Discovering Home — Jordan” in 2015, at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum. The book takes readers on a journey inside Jordan, enabling them to discover the culture, heritage, and archaeological treasures from other civilizations which have called Jordan home.

Her literary and creative presence was marked by a purposeful message, depth, and quality. Furthermore, her main passion was politics, which she explained to people through her writing, translation, and living.

It is worth noting that Howayek held a PhD in Mass Communications and Information Sciences and a Master’s in Media & Multimedia, both from Université Panthéon Assas in Paris, France. She also held a Bachelor’s in License Law from the Lebanese University. 

However, her prodigious work in media and politics did not prevent her from doing what she loved, and one of her favorite hobbies was taking care of plants.

She was always bursting with creativity, endowed with the light of knowledge, filled with boundless energy, and always exploring and investigating, uncovering mysteries and secrets. In the end, Howayek will remain in the memory of all who knew her, and her memory we shall always keep.

Rest in peace my dearest professor, Hayat Howayek.

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