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ARIES: Show how forgiving you can be when a misunderstanding occurs; if you’re in a tight spot, be accountable rather than just charming. You may still have a chance for romantic moments with a special someone or pleasant conversations with friends.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may come across as more attractive than usual so this can be the time to take chances to impress new acquaintances or a potential new boss. Use this time to prove you are committed to a romantic relationship or strengthen an existing friendship.

GEMINI: You could be feeling grateful and satisfied at your present situation. Your bills can be paid, and your needs met. You may have a loyal set of friends or an inspiring partner to keep you company and share the priceless joys of life.

CANCER: An awkward situation could be made worse if you insist on getting the last word in — take this moment to turn the other cheek. Try not to commit to a promise because information may not be accurate, or conditions could change quickly.

LEO: Think things through. You may need to be the bigger person or walk away if your friendly approaches are ignored. You could be easily led astray by someone without scruples so tune into your intuition and be vigilant when it comes to new relationships.

VIRGO: Your open-mindedness and sensitivity can bring harmony to what might start out as chaos. Avoid making major business decisions or buying currently trending items as circumstances might not be what they seem.

LIBRA: Be sensitive to a loved one’s need to be taken care of or entertained but be careful not to overdo it or choose the wrong moment to flirt. You may walk a balance beam this weekend between being warm and approachable and being polite.

SCORPIO: A busy schedule and conflicting responses may leave you overthinking someone’s feelings or actions. You may not notice a problem until it is too late to fix it, so take this time to reflect on things. Enjoy social gatherings and community events.

SAGITTARIUS: Do your best. You might bask in the spotlight, but this means your work could be under more scrutiny. Use your intellect to give you a boost in situations that put you in a good light and you can benefit from the experience.

CAPRICORN: When it comes to money matters, avoid giving definitive answers when it comes to yes-or-no questions. There could be a potential for monetary loss if you lose focus. Double check credit card charges or receipts for major purchases.

AQUARIUS: Your home could become the hub of social activities. Some uncomfortable issues could come forward unless everyone follows the rules, so clarify them. Hold off on making major decisions or any large expenditures this weekend.

PISCES: Shift into a lower gear. You may feel like speeding into the lead, but there is no point in competing when no one else has a car in the race. Be patient and find or wait for additional aid or support for getting a project off the ground

IF MARCH 31 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next four to five weeks, your practical business sense could be enhanced, and you can make some of your dreams a reality. In May, your social life may be enlivened, and you could have a chance to join a gym or sports team where you can combine physical and social activities. July is the worst month to take a vacation or put an investment plan into action because you are easily distracted by wishful thinking. Your leadership skills and enthusiasm stand out in August and by the beginning of September, you are ready to relax in inspiring surroundings. For the best results, wait until late October when your judgment is at its best to launch your most important plans.

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