Captivating audiences and Yazan Sabbagh's musical journey

Yazan Sabbagh, a remarkable singer, voice coach, and oudteacher
(Photos: Handout from Yazan Sabbagh)
AMMAN — Within Jordan's vibrant music scene, there exists a wealth of talent that continues to captivate audiences. Among these local talents is Yazan Sabbagh, a remarkable singer, voice coach, and oud teacher who effortlessly blurs the lines between performer and mentor.اضافة اعلان

Sabbagh's musical odyssey began at the age of 10, while attending school. Even then, his unwavering passion for music was evident as he enthusiastically participated in various school activities and competitions at the Jordanian level, earning him numerous accolades.

Music runs deep in his family, with his uncle skilled in playing the double bass and his father renowned as an elderly Jordanian singer.

Despite his innate affinity for melodies and the ability to enrapture listeners, Sabbagh was not always certain about dedicating himself to music.

In an interview with Jordan News, Sabbagh shared his experience, saying, "In the first year, I studied business information systems at IT College, and after that, I decided to change my major to music. My artistic prowess developed during my university years."

During his academic pursuit, Sabbagh focused on performance, eventually selecting it as his major and earning a BA in Music.

Beyond vocalsHis dedication to music extended far beyond his vocal abilities. He expanded his repertoire by mastering two musical instruments: the oud and the piano, a testament to his love for exploration.

"I believe that a singer should possess skills beyond singing. Learning to play the oud has helped me understand my specialization in music, and I accompany myself while singing," he expressed.

Embracing a harmonious balance, Sabbagh deftly juggles his roles as a singer, oud player, and teacher. Contrary to common misconceptions, the oud is not solely an accompaniment instrument for singing, but a powerful standalone instrument for solo performances.

Sabbagh harnesses the potential of both instruments, utilizing them as companions during his vocal renditions. His daily practice sessions encompass piano, oud, and singing.

Communication through music
As a vocal coach, Sabbagh views education as a formidable tool for communication. His mission is to impart his musical message through both teaching and performing.

According to Sabbagh, the ultimate goal for any singer lies in developing a strong vocal technique, including correct voice usage, efficient sound production, and breath support.

Moreover, he emphasizes the significance of connecting with the audience and conveying genuine passion for music through stage presence.

Despite his achievements, Sabbagh has encountered numerous obstacles throughout his career. One challenge involves nurturing the musical preferences of the community through original compositions, as well as his teaching endeavors.

Additionally, the dearth of production companies that actively support musical talent poses a hurdle. Sabbagh notes that this forces musicians to bear the financial burden of producing their own work while simultaneously managing their social media presence.

A musical kitchen
For Sabbagh, creating and recording music is akin to a delightful culinary experience, or a musical kitchen, where artistic creations come to life.

He recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms and diligently works towards releasing his upcoming special songs in the near future.

Throughout his journey, Sabbagh aspires to offer valuable advice to aspiring musicians. He urges them to pursue their passion for music or singing, regardless of age, and stresses the significance of embarking on the musical journey.

Consistent practice, he firmly believes, is the key to personal growth and improvement.

Looking ahead, Sabbagh expresses deep appreciation for Arabic music, acknowledging the significant advancements in musical creations and the continuous growth of talented musicians each year.

As a musician who both sings and plays instruments, he embraces the responsibility of presenting music with artistic value while preserving the rich Arab musical heritage in all his concerts.

“There's a great responsibility to put forward works of music … (that) preserve the Arab musical heritage,” he said.

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