Money Heist’s final season starts with a bang

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(Photos: Handouts from Netflix)
AMMAN — Part 1 of the fifth season of “Money Heist” last Friday, a popular Spanish series on Netflix also known as “La casa de papel,” spared no expense on artful fight scenes so convincing audiences may have felt some vicarious pain for their beloved bank robbers.اضافة اعلان

Below is a recap of season 4 and the first half of season five, but warning; the following contains heavy spoilers.

(Photos: Handouts from Netflix)

Season 4 recap

In the last episode of the fourth season, the story ended when the Professor's (Àlvaro Morte) scheme reunited Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) with other members of the gang at the Bank of Spain but inspector Alicia Sierra discovered the Professor’s hideout and caught him red-handed.

As Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), was inside the bank with the rest of the gang, the Professor pulled off Lisbon’s dramatic escape in the last moments of season four.

With Lisbon free from jail, she is now inside the bank. And we also have Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), a now-disgraced police officer on a one-woman mission to take down her nemesis the Professor.

(Photos: Handouts from Netflix)

Season 5 recap

Alicia captures the Professor but then her water breaks. Helsinki (Darko Peric) nearly dies after a statue falls on him. Stockholm (Esther Acebo) shoots Arturo (Enrique Arce) to save Denver (Jaime Lorente) and the others, and Tokyo confronts her destiny. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of season 5 part 1.

In depth

“Money Heist” season five has gotten off to an explosive start with an action-packed first half, which included numerous gunfights, explosions, and one major character death.

It should be no surprise that the stakes are ramping up given that this is the final ever season of Netflix‘s international hit, which began life on Spanish television before being picked up by the streaming service.

Fans have followed these characters for many years, watching their personal relationships become increasingly complex, first during the Royal Mint heist and later as they infiltrated the Bank of Spain.

You can expect more than a few tearjerker moments as the story nears its conclusions, with viewers sure to be on the edge of their seats as they wait to find out who will make it out alive.

When “Money Heist’s” jaw-dropping season five left off, fan-favorite Tokyo had just sacrificed her life for the team, but do not be surprised if Úrsula Corberó returns to the role via flashback cameos as several other ex-cast members have done before.

Tokyo is now dead, it is unclear whether she will continue narrating the series beyond the grave, or if that role will go to somebody else.

Heist mastermind the Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, is arguably the principal character now, and currently finds himself in an unstable alliance with disgraced police inspector Alicia Sierra.

The Professor has had luck converting people to his cause in the past, most notably Raquel Murillo, aka Lisbon, who is one of the characters currently fighting to escape from the Bank of Spain.

 The plot starts with Nairobi (Alba Flores), fighting for her life inside the bank, while the Professor was on the run and struggling to cope with the thought that the love of his life, Lisbon, has been executed by the police.

The gang were in an impossible situation, but were able to pull themselves back from the brink after discovering that Lisbon was still alive and staging a daring rescue.

Ruthless inspector Alicia Sierra found the Professor’s hideout and held him at gunpoint, while earlier in the season the team suffered a devastating loss with the murder of Nairobi — which will loom large over the upcoming episodes.

The newer additions to the team include Manila (Belén Cuesta), Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo,) and Bogotá (Hovik Keuchkerian), the latter of whom still craves revenge for the death of his love, Nairobi.

Through five episodes, Alex Pina directs the fifth part of the series with the serene air of a filmmaker who does not want to waste time on embellishments.

Facts about season 5

Filming for “Money Heist” actually took place at 300 locations in 7 countries, with filming taking place in Spain, Thailand, Denmark, Panamá, Portugal, Italy, and the UK, where scenes were filmed showing the sinking of the Bank of Spain's treasury.

Some 6,500 gold ingots were produced for use as a bracelet for the series, while 1 million 50 euro bills were printed to be dropped in the streets of Madrid.

The series’ robberies used 275 different weapons that César Gandía kept at his own armory at the Bank of Spain through 41 episodes.

(Photos: Handouts from Netflix)

Goodbye last season from the cast

Social media has embraced tributes from the “Money Heist” cast on social media.

Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin posted on Instagram: “I made the sketch a while before shooting the sequence. I sent it to my co-captain. She replied ‘it’s a bit creepy’ and ‘but I like animals’.”

“It’s funny, then when I shot my shots of the sequence, my little brother told me ‘now yes, now I see that something disturbing in your eyes.’”

“Sooner or later that moment comes. It always comes. The one when it’s time to go to the end of what we don’t know. Or we don’t want to know. And in my opinion it is not bad. Although it does make an impression. As does true love and life itself. So chilling at times, but certainly so beautiful,” he wrote. “It has been an extraordinary journey @alvaromorte, one of those that really deserve to be kept in a treasure chest after the odyssey.”

Itziar Ituño also shared a post on Instagram: “Now yes! GOODBYE, Inspector Raquel Murillo, Lisbon thief!! What a trip!!”

Miguel Herrán shared another on Instagram: “Rio … It has been an incredible journey with you. Today we close a stage together. And I can only tell you two things. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!”

The Professor posted a goodbye video: “Thankful for so much, for everything. To the fans (the first ones, of course) to the entire team of @vancouvermediaproducciones and @netflixes, @netflix and to you, my dear Professor. I will miss having such a good time with you. THANK YOU.”

The shows main cast members now include Álvaro Morte as the Professor, Miguel Herrán as Rio, Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo, Jaime Lorente as Denver, Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogota, ItziarItuño as Lisbon, Esther Acebo as Stockholm, Darko Peric as Helsinki, Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo, Fernando Cayo as Coronel Tamayo, Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra, Luka Peros as Marseille, Belén Cuesta as Manila, Enrique Arce as Arturo, and José Manuel Poga as Gandía.

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