Unstable weather expected across Jordan, with rain showers in various regions

Amman dust dusty weather
Unstable weather expected across Jordan, with rain showers in various regions
Amman - Jordan is set to experience unpredictable weather patterns on Wednesday, with meteorologists forecasting a mix of instability and warmth across the country. While most areas will encounter fluctuating temperatures, regions such as the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba should expect relatively hot conditions. Clouds are anticipated to form at different altitudes throughout the day, adding to the atmospheric variability.اضافة اعلان

Meteorological projections indicate intermittent rain showers primarily in the eastern and southeastern parts of the kingdom. In localized areas, heavy downpours accompanied by thunder and hail could lead to flash floods and heightened water levels in valleys and low-lying regions. Moderate northwesterly winds are also expected, occasionally stirring up dust, particularly in desert areas.

In response to these forecasts, the Meteorological Department has issued several warnings. These include advisories about reduced horizontal visibility due to morning fog over mountainous terrain, the risk of flash floods and rising water levels in valleys and low-lying areas, decreased visibility due to dust, especially in desert regions, and the potential for slippery roads in areas experiencing rainfall.

Looking ahead, Wednesday's weather is expected to maintain its warmth across most areas, with relatively hotter conditions persisting in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Cloud cover is anticipated at varying altitudes, with scattered rain showers possible in eastern regions during the morning hours. Winds will continue to be moderate and northwesterly, occasionally gaining strength.

Similar conditions are anticipated for Thursday, with warmth prevailing across most regions and relatively higher temperatures expected in the aforementioned areas. Clouds are forecast to form at various altitudes in the eastern part of the kingdom, with moderate northwesterly winds becoming more active in the afternoon.

Today's temperature ranges include a maximum of 28-16 degrees Celsius in East Amman, 26-14 in West Amman, 24-12 in the northern highlands, 25-11 in the Sharaa highlands, 32-18 in desert areas, 28-16 in plain areas, 32-19 in the northern Jordan Valley, 34-21 in the southern Jordan Valley, 33-20 at the Dead Sea, and 34-21 in the Gulf of Aqaba.

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