Zain’s bunker offers innovative solutions to businesses in the region

(Photo: Zain)

As extreme weather events become more and more common, Zain Jordan is providing a state-of-the-art service to corporations across the region looking for disaster recovery solutions. The Bunker is a data and disaster recovery center situated 12 meters underground — the first of its kind in the region and one of very few worldwide. The facility, located in Amman, offers high-level protection to customers preparing for the worst, and is resistant to electromagnetic pulses (EMP), earthquakes, fires, and other natural and man-made hazards.اضافة اعلان

After launching in September 2019, The Bunker was accredited as an Uptime Tier III certified data center and has since been acting as a “first line of digital defense” for customers including banks and national and international corporations. The military-grade regional data storage, information and disaster recovery center offers a highly modernized communications network which gives local, regional, and global organizations the opportunity to host IT infrastructure, disaster recovery offices, and enhance their ICT business processes.

The Bunker is equipped with 24/7 onsite security personnel and advanced surveillance systems (CCTV), with access restricted to pre-assigned, authorized individuals who are granted ID badges that contain biometric information. Additionally, the facility relies on fiber-optic technology that connects the data center with international cables, allowing clients to take advantage of the international growth potential in capacity, while ensuring 99.982 percent uninterrupted business continuity.

We have fast approached an age in which digital security is of utmost importance to businesses, and The Bunker has certainly been designed with this in mind. This is ensured through the facility’s ISO 27001 status, a standard which assures that organizations keep information assets such as financial information, intellectual property, and employee details secure.

Clients of The Bunker seeking to ensure their digital security make use of a range of facilities, from the use of one small power rack to a whole dedicated room. Each office available to rent in the facility is also supplied with four days’ worth of food in the event of an emergency such as a fire, missile strike, or natural disaster.

In launching The Bunker, Zain has transformed from providing services to individuals to becoming a leader in providing services to the business sector. The Bunker is considered a turning point and a milestone in Zain’s journey to being the most advanced telecom operator, to meet the long-term aspirations of their partners, and to help those partners with services at the core of their businesses, contributing to their aspirations for further success in their organization.

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