SOS Children’s Village Jordan joins hands with Kiri

Rana Zoubi, national director at SOS Children’s Village
Rana Zoubi, national director at SOS Children’s Village on January 11, 2011. (Photo: Handout from SOS Children’s Village)
AMMAN — SOS Children’s Village Jordan, a charity that supports children, has partnered with Kiri, a part of Bel Group, for a unique Ramadan campaign under the theme “Together for Kindness.” The initiative assists SOS mothers raising children growing up without adequate parental care and support from families of their own.اضافة اعلان

Celebrating the season of compassion and kindness, #TogetherForKindness will sponsor a family house by supporting an SOS mother and providing the necessary care and protection their wards need to thrive. SOS Children’s Village programs epitomize the principles long established by Kiri, whose focus is on the crucial role played by mothers providing the care and protection children are entitled to.

Rana Zoubi, national director at SOS Children’s Village said: “We are thrilled to partner with Kiri for the #TogetherForKindness campaign in recognition of our commitment to SOS mothers providing a loving home for children who have lost parental care so that no child has to grow up alone. This is a substantial assist to SOS mothers who are supporting children’s journey through childhood and into an independent life.”

The motivation behind the #TogetherForKindness campaign is twofold. On one hand, it is to support SOS mothers who are facilitating a promising future for children. On the other hand, it is to ensure and enable greater well-being of children living in family houses within Jordan’s SOS Village.

On behalf of Bel Group, Wael Saleh Shokerat, CEO at International Experts Group said: “Kindness is about spreading love and it is something we learn from our mothers. SOS mothers act as a symbol of love and generosity – making children feel safe, wanted, loved, and celebrated. Through #TogetherForKindness, we aim to empower SOS mothers who are dedicated to building a foundation that will help children realize their dreams and raise children that become well-rounded and kind adults.”

Contributions towards SOS families help SOS mothers provide individualized care and promote the development, education, and health of 5-7 children. SOS Children’s Villages also enable access to non-formal education through child group activities, play, tutoring, and stimulating informal education environments that support a child’s development. Quality health care is also ensured for all children in the care of SOS families. Children grow within their SOS families until they are mature enough to lead independent lives.

With the “For All. For Good” motto, Bel brands are determined to strengthen their positive impact within communities. Kiri is based on the brand philosophy of being “Generous by Nature” – celebrating mothers’ daily devotion and highlighting the power of their kindness through dedicated initiatives during Ramadan.

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