New investment promotion strategy discussed by several stakeholders

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Monday, Ministry of Investment Secretary-General Zaher Al-Qatarneh held consultations with public and private sectors representatives regarding the new investment promotion strategy for the years 2022-2026.اضافة اعلان

The ministry prepared the strategy in cooperation with the World Bank Group and Deloitte, with the aim of attracting foreign and local investments in order to create more job opportunities and contribute to improving economic growth rates.

According to Qatarneh, the ministry produced the strategy as part of its effort to activate public and private sectors partnerships, empower investors and create an enticing investment atmosphere that attracts investors from several countries and for multiple sectors.

He added that the strategy aims to identify priority main and subsidiary economic sectors in the Kingdom, and distinguish among sectors of maximum, medium and low importance, in addition to identifying foreign markets and the most important potential investors in those countries.

He also said that a group of international experts in the field of investment will be sought to implement the guidelines of this strategy which will be the nucleus of a comprehensive national system aimed at encouraging investment in the Kingdom.

Qatarneh said that the new investment law “will keep pace with the changes and requirements of the times”, and that there will also be focus on creating an integrated investment environment, including the legislation, and that the law will address the obstacles that stand in the way of investment in Jordan.

World Bank representative Mohammad Abdul-Qader stressed that the investment promotion strategy will have a clear impact on improving the investment environment in Jordan and will help stimulate existing investments in the Kingdom.

Deloitte representative Rodrigo Ortiz presented, via Zoom, a summary of the most important indicators of the strategy and its objectives, stressing that it aims to make Jordan the “preferred destination for sustainable investment in the Middle East and North Africa”.

He pointed out that the strategy will focus on priority investment sectors, in addition to setting competitive standards at national and sectoral levels to identify priority markets.

An open discussion was held at the end of the session, with participants giving their comments and feedback on the investment promotion strategy, for them to be taken into consideration before the strategy is launched in its final form.

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