Amman Rotana celebrates month of love with elderly at Dar Al Zahraa

Amman Rotana
(Photo: Amman Rotana)
Press Release — Amman Rotana expressed its great appreciation for the elderly and their distinguished roles in our society, as it held a compassionate and loving visit for to Dar Al Zahra for the Elderly, a step infused with love and appreciation for all that they have provided over the years.اضافة اعلان

The celebration, in which several employees from Amman Rotana Hotel volunteered to visit, included an entertainment activity, side talks with the elderly, quality time, eating lunch and sharing a cake together, which was well-received by the elderly, who truly enjoyed and appreciated it.

General Manager of Amman Rotana, Patrice Cornée, believes that celebrating the month of love with the elderly comes within the framework of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility, which focuses on supporting all age groups, including the elderly, as this is considered one of our favorite humanitarian initiatives, an act to return the favor of what they had given to the community.

Cornée stressed on the need to give the elderly the maximum care and attention they deserve, in recognition of their tremendous role in building and supporting our society and families. “We have to reinforce their self-confidence as they are still active members, they are fathers and mothers, and these senior members of the community have paved the way of this country’s success.” Cornée added.

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