World Happiness Report is ‘inaccurate’, says media observatory

(Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor Akeed, a local media observatory, has said that the World Happiness Report 2022 lacked objectivity and failed to provide an accurate representation of the reality of life in Jordan, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

In a follow-up study, days after the publication of the report that placed Jordan among the least happy countries in the world, the observatory said that the report “did not offer a description of the Jordanian reality based on its six criteria for measuring happiness, but rather provided a brief bar graph.”

Moreover, the report did not provide infographics specific to each country, as is the case with many other global indicators, but rather represented whole regions, not individual countries, Akeed said Sunday in a statement highlighting the findings of the study.

“Life in Jordan is not all roses, but it is not that bad either,” the observatory added, saying that, surprisingly, countries suffering from harsh economic, political, and security conditions, conflicts, occupation, and daily mass deaths are ahead of Jordan in the rankings.

The observatory criticized, albeit indirectly, the local media coverage of the report and said that it would have been better for media professionals to analyze the report’s methodology and measurement criteria, rather than provide a  rationale for its outcomes without comparing them with reliable global indicators and the reality of life in Jordan.

Akeed said that the report sparked wide debates among social media users, some of whom used the report to paint a dark picture of public life in Jordan, while others did not believe the report’s ranking of the Kingdom.

At the same time, the observatory added, the Jordanian media did not seek to raise basic questions to critically analyze the report as a human product subject to analysis, critique, and review.

The observatory said that the report, for example, in its measurement of generosity and social support, used direct questions that necessarily reflect the emotional state or mood of respondents at the time, ignoring material facts that reflect the values of generosity and social cohesion that a country like Jordan is known for.

The observatory cited the fact that Jordan, for more than a century, has received successive waves of refugees and has become the second largest host of refugees in the world. Akeed also indicated that crime rates in Jordan are lower than most neighboring countries, and that volunteer work and the non-profit sector are flourishing.

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