Turkish Embassy addresses Jordanian concerns over racism

Turkish Embassy in Amman
Turkish Embassy in Amman. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Responding to a recent surge of complaints from Jordanian citizens regarding racist incidents and assaults, the Turkish Embassy in Amman issued a statement on Friday. The embassy acknowledged these concerns while asserting that such incidents are isolated and do not reflect a widespread trend.اضافة اعلان

This perspective gains further support from the considerable annual influx of Jordanian tourists to Turkey, which averages around 450,000 visitors, as reported by Ammon News. Moreover, the increasing number of Jordanian residents in Turkey underlines the positive and amicable relationship that exists between the Jordanian and Turkish communities.

Meanwhile, the embassy also shed light on the role of media outlets, highlighting that incidents of this nature might be occasionally magnified by the media. It pointed out that misunderstandings, confusion, and language barriers, particularly in public places and airports, can contribute to the occurrence of such incidents.

Notably, in 2021, one of these reported incidents involved attacks on Jordanian students by Turkish youths in Istanbul, a situation confirmed by the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2017, Istanbul witnessed a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of two Jordanians, while a disturbing incident unfolded in Mersin involving a young Jordanian resident and his family.

Recent departures due to residency conditions
Furthermore, the embassy drew attention to the recent departure of certain Jordanian nationals from Turkish territory due to issues related to their residency conditions. Specifically, some individuals unintentionally exceeded the legal duration of their stay without seeking renewal, resulting in their eventual requirement to leave the country and potentially face fines.

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, approximately 25,000 Jordanians reside across various Turkish cities, including Ankara, Istanbul, and Alanya. Moreover, the data revealed that Jordanians ranked fourth among the top 10 nationalities purchasing homes in Turkey in 2020.

However, despite Turkey's enduring popularity as a tourist destination for Jordanians, a decline in Jordanian interest in visiting Istanbul has been observed recently. This shift can be attributed to the emergence of newer destinations such as Kosovo, northern Turkey, Greece, Georgia, and Armenia.

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