Technology, Sustainability Drive Global Transformations in Power, Says CIGRE Chairman

Technology, Sustainability Drive Global Transformations in Power, Says CIGRE Chairman
Amman - Director General of the National Electric Power Company and Chairman of the National Association of Jordan CIGRE, Amjad Rawashdeh, announced that the electric power industry is experiencing significant transformations globally, driven by rapid technological advancements and a growing focus on sustainability and climate change issues.اضافة اعلان

During a joint press conference on Monday with the Secretary General of CIGRE, Eid Assaf, and the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Fifth CIGRE Conference, Abdullah Edinat, Rawashdeh emphasized the importance of staying abreast of these developments and working towards developing more efficient and sustainable electrical energy systems to meet both current and future needs.

He highlighted the fifth CIGRE conference, starting this Wednesday, as a crucial event focusing on innovations and challenges in the field of electrical networks. The conference will underscore technological advancements and modern technologies that can enhance the stability and sustainability of electrical networks.

The conference will explore the role of digitization in energy system development, aiming to improve network management and reliability while examining ways to achieve the sustainability of electrical networks through innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Rawashdeh noted that this conference provides an opportunity to discuss future policies and plans for advancing the electricity sector in Jordan and the region.

Assaf added that the conference continues the series of periodic CIGRE conferences held in Jordan, with this year's edition highlighting the sustainability of electrical systems and the benefits and requirements of digitization and digital development.

He pointed out that the conference includes panel discussions featuring leading speakers and regional experts, along with peer-reviewed scientific papers reviewed by CIGRE committees.

Edinat stated that the conference received about 80 scientific papers, with approximately 50 original scientific papers accepted after evaluation by specialized academics from Jordanian universities. These papers, representing about 15 countries, will be presented across three scientific sessions.

The accepted papers adhere to recognized scientific research methodologies and cover various conference topics, such as promoting low-carbon green energy development, the need for smart monitoring technology for modern energy systems, artificial intelligence and smart grids, regionally and globally interconnected energy systems, energy storage systems, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the integration of renewable energy sources with electrical systems.

The National Association of Jordan CIGRE, established in 1989 and headquartered at the National Electric Power Company, is one of the national committees affiliated with the International Council on Large Electric Systems, based in Paris. The association aims to enhance cooperation and scientific and technical exchange among engineers, experts, and specialists in the field of electrical power systems.

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