TRC considers independent provider license for satellite internet service

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) said they received an application from a company seeking a license to provide satellite internet service in the Kingdom. اضافة اعلان

The TRC has confirmed that the application is currently under review.

Potential for satellite internet
According to the TRC, the legislation and instructions governing its framework already allow for the issuance of licenses for "satellite internet" services in Jordan.

Bassam AlSarhan, chairman of the Board at TRC, stated that submitting a license application does not guarantee the immediate availability of the service. The process of providing satellite internet service is contingent upon obtaining the license.

AlSarhan further explained that due to Jordan's diverse geography, exploring alternatives for mobile communication services is crucial.

Satellite communication, he added, serves as a complementary solution in areas where traditional towers are restricted, such as the tourism region of Wadi Rum, where towers are prohibited to preserve the natural landscape.

SpaceX's role
On October 31, 2022, AlSarhan announced the successful trial conducted by SpaceX in launching satellite internet services using low Earth orbit satellites.

The experiment demonstrated impressive data download speeds, ranging from 100 to 367 megabytes.

SpaceX, a leading company in internet service provision, operates a constellation of satellites designed for global internet coverage.

SpaceX's Starlink network currently consists of over 3,000 satellites, with plans to deploy tens of thousands more in low-Earth orbits.

These satellites, working in conjunction with terrestrial transmitting and receiving devices, aim to establish a comprehensive and worldwide internet network.

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