Russian envoy to Jordan supports Saudi-Iran dialogue for regional stability

Gleb Desyatnikov
Russian ambassador to Jordan, Gleb Desyatnikov. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The Russian ambassador to Jordan, Gleb Desyatnikov, affirmed that Russia believes that dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Iran will have a positive impact on other aspects of regional politics, particularly concerning the Syrian file and bilateral relations between Amman and Tehran.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Sputnik News, a Russian-state owned news agency, he discussed the impact of the Saudi-Iranian dialogue, sponsored by China, on Jordanian-Syrian relations.

He stated, "Without a doubt, we look forward to seeing the positive impact of the dialogue between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran on other aspects of regional politics, especially the Syrian file and the bilateral relations between Amman and Tehran,” Khaberni reported.

He added: "I am aware of the mutual interest in this matter from both the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Iran," stating that it "will contribute to relaunching relations between the two capitals, Amman and Tehran, intensifying political dialogue, and increasing trade exchange."

Desyatnikov further stated, "Therefore, we are optimistic about Jordanian-Iranian cooperation and Jordanian-Syrian cooperation."

Normalization efforts applaudedThe Russian ambassador also shared Moscow's vision, which is "the normalization of relations between Riyadh and Tehran with Chinese mediation is one of the most positive events witnessed in the Middle East recently."

He added, "We welcome this agreement, and we are ready to contribute to the necessary development of this reconciliatory direction. In particular, Russia has been promoting the collective security initiative in the Arab Gulf region since the 1990s, which can serve this goal."

Desyatnikov discussed the future of the region in light of the current de-escalation situation, particularly with the normalization between Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries on one side and Iran on the other. He stated, "If these processes take a stable form, the future of the Middle East will be very promising."

He continued, "This region has been exhausted by an endless series of conflicts, wars, and instability, and peace and prosperity should return here through enhancing mutual respect and cooperation among the Arab capitals. The task of Russia and other external players is to assist Arab friends in maintaining the desire for cooperation as a strategic direction for development."

Regarding Russian-Jordanian cooperation in southern Syrian, Desyatnikov said, "The situation in southern Syria remains of interest to Moscow and Amman, and it is one of the most important items on the bilateral agenda. Constant communication is taking place regarding this matter through all available channels between our countries, and we believe that this work will yield positive results."

Desyatnikov described Syria's return to the Arab League as "long overdue," stating that the Middle East currently needs cohesion, de-escalation, and mutually beneficial cooperation among all relevant regional capitals.

The Russian ambassador affirmed that "Syria's return to the Arab family represents a step towards peace and stability in the region."

He said, "We are confident that this will benefit the entire Arab community because through collaboration, any difficulties can be overcome, and such regional challenges are not few at present."

Promoting security and prosperityRegarding the next step necessary to ensure security and prosperity in neighboring countries to Syria, Desyatnikov stated, "The issues of mutually beneficial coexistence for all regional countries must be discussed, and it seems that matters related to restoring commercial ties between regional capitals, enhancing security, and combating terrorism may be the best topics for dialogue, and they must be emphasized now."

As for whether the Iranian factor is an obstacle to normalization between Damascus and the Arab world, Desyatnikov believes that "On the contrary, Iran shows a constructive position and readiness to cooperate on all aspects of dealing with the Arab community, and that can only be welcomed."

It should be noted that in March, an agreement was announced between Saudi Arabia and Iran to restore diplomatic relations

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