Qatar imports 34 tons of Jordanian dates in Q1 of 2024

Qatar imports 34 tons of Jordanian dates in Q1 of 2024
Doha - Jordan's export of various date varieties to the Qatari market has seen a significant upsurge during the first quarter of 2024, reaching approximately 34 tons.اضافة اعلان

According to recent data released by the Qatari Planning and Statistics Authority on Tuesday, imports of Jordanian dates by Qatar have experienced a notable growth of 13.3 percent during the first three months of this year, marking an increase from 30 tons recorded during the same period last year.

Qatar predominantly imports all categories of Jordanian dates, both wet and dry, with a particular focus on the Medjool variety, ranking as the top choice, followed by Barhi.

The superiority of Jordanian dates, especially the Medjool variety, lies in their competitive edge within Qatari markets, appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers who favor them for their superior quality and reasonable pricing in comparison to many other varieties sourced from Arab and foreign markets such as Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Jordan, renowned for its strategic agricultural products, places significant emphasis on the cultivation of dates, witnessing a continuous annual increase in production and export rates. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries stand out as prominent foreign markets for Jordan's date exports.

With their exceptional quality, distinct flavor, and moderate pricing, Jordanian dates enjoy widespread popularity among various consumer segments in Qatar, experiencing significant demand and a notable presence in Qatari markets.

The import of Jordanian dates by Qatar is experiencing a steady upward trajectory, fueled by the escalating demand for the diverse range of dates produced and marketed by Jordan.

These dates have emerged as a registered Jordanian trademark, symbolizing unparalleled quality and excellence, thus garnering substantial interest among Qatari consumers and residents alike.

Numerous Qatari merchants, importers, and officials from active import-export enterprises operating in the Qatari market have reported a surge in the import rates of dates from Jordan, aiming to meet the escalating demand attributed to the growing number of residents and visitors in Qatar.

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