Plans to address water scarcity and dams discussed by parliamentary committee

Wala Dam
Al-Wala Dam (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Plans and strategies related to water security, the Kingdom's dam water storage and general condition, and the increase in the quantities of fodder allocated to farmers were discussed Tuesday by the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Water and Badia, according to Ad-Dustour.اضافة اعلان

The committee meeting Tuesday was chaired by MP Muhammad Al-Alaqmeh, and attended by Manar Mahasneh, secretary general of the Jordan Valley Authority, and Bashar Al-Bataineh, secretary general of the Water Authority, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply.

Alaqmeh said that the committee discussed water plans and strategies in the event of a repeated drop in rainfall rates next season, the possibility of expanding the drilling of wells, and providing water sources to maintain water security, in addition to discussing the Jordan Valley Authority’s regulation of Mujib Dam and its impact on fisheries.

Alaqmeh said the government is required to avoid concealing information in light of the news being published regarding the water situation, which has a direct impact on people’s lives and the agricultural sector, stressing the need to address the water crisis and to reach a real solution.

He said that the project of the national water conveyor could address the water problem in the future if rainfall rates kept dropping.

In turn, Mahasneh said that the water challenge for Jordan is a strategic challenge, and stressed that the government's plans are based on providing water to governorates and beneficiaries of water from dams ] which have dried up or have seen water levels fall, and compensating them.

She said that the flow of water from Mujib Dam, which has a capacity of 29 million cubic meters, has stopped since the beginning of August for fear of drought.

Regarding rumors about fish dying in Mujib dam, Mahasneh said that “about 500 kg of fish died in the dam, and not a million as rumored”, adding that dams are built only for drinking and irrigation purposes, but there are citizens who raise fish in them.

She indicated that the storage capacity of Wala Dam will increase from nine million cubic meters to 25 million cubic meters after the completion of the project to raise the height of the dam by the end of 2021.

The completion of the national conveyor project is expected by mid-2026, where five companies have been approved to bid on the project to start implementation of the project, which will produce 300 million cubic meters of water annually.

In addition, the Agricultural Committee discussed increasing the quantity of fodder allocated to farmers. Assistant Secretary-General of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply Imad Al-Bazour confirmed that steps are being taken to increase it.

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