New prescriptions aim to combat forgery

medical prescripton
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Experts, doctors, and lawyers have identified a disturbing phenomenon in the Kingdom, fake medical prescriptions. Some individuals have been forging and making up doctors’ names on counterfeit prescriptions to gain access to controlled substances, and many pharmacists are unfortunately falling for the trick. اضافة اعلان

“Most of the time, fake medical prescriptions are used for dispensing narcotic drugs,” said Isaac Tawil, president of the Jordanian Medical Association, in an interview with Jordan News.

Tawil added that: “Some narcotic drugs and sedatives are given to patients whose conditions require them. However, those drugs are given in controlled amounts and need a medical prescription from a certified doctor.”

“Serious consequences could happen if these drugs are taken inappropriately,” he said. “The individual could develop an addiction to the drug, and in extreme cases, the drug could lead to death due to misuse.”

Tawil stressed the necessity of pharmacists to pay attention to prescriptions. He stated that direct contact lines between them and the doctors need to be established, especially doctors who prescribe narcotics. He said this contact is to ensure “their credibility and credentials.”

The acting head of the Doctors Syndicate Muhammad Rasoul Al-Tarawneh said in remarks to Jordan News: “A new type of medical prescription pad will be approved within 10 days. Those prescription pads will have 15 hidden markers. This is considered a step in preventing fake prescriptions, especially controlled substance and narcotic drug prescriptions.”

Tarawneh added: “These new medical prescriptions were developed in cooperation and agreement with the Pharmacists Syndicate and the Food and Drug Foundation and forensic research.”

He also confirmed that this phenomenon was observed to have increased “during the past six months.”

“Everyone should know that prescription forging is serious. If an individual’s medical prescription is found to be falsified, they could be subjected to legal consequences and may end up in jail,” he concluded.

Lamees Sulaiman, an attorney, told Jordan News that “falsification of medical prescriptions, from my experience as an attorney, has now become a serious phenomenon.”

“One of the main reasons behind the growth of this phenomenon is the neglect and disregard of some pharmacists towards the importance of this criminal act,” she said.

Sulaiman added that serious and severe penalties must be enforced for those who falsify or forge medical prescriptions while also increasing supervision from all responsible entities. 

The attorney confirmed that “we have to ensure that the Medical Liability acts are being followed in a serious manner if we want to get rid of such illegal acts.”

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