NHF, HCD, JOHUD to host free consultation day for the disabled

(Photo: Handout from NHF)
AMMAN — In collaboration with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD), the Institute for Family Health-Noor Al Hussein Foundation (IFH-NHF) is holding a free-of-charge medical consultation day for persons with disabilities at the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development’s (JOHUD) Nuzha Community Support Center on Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

The event, which came under an agreement concluded between IFH and HCD, aims to deliver health care services to better the health conditions of the local community, shedding more light on the needs of people with disabilities.

“During the activity, medical services will be provided at no cost to people with disabilities and their parents. Some of these services consist of general medicine consultation, physical and functional therapy, as well as early detection of cancer,” Haya Badri, a senior supervisor at IFH, told Jordan News over the phone.

Lab tests will be conducted in several medical areas including blood pressure, blood sugar, and anemia, according to Badri.
“Special education and learning difficulties, speech therapy, nutrition, dental pains, psychological counseling, sight and hearing impairments, are other fields on which the event will offer counseling and consultation,” she explained.

“A medical group of two doctors, a dentist, and several specialists working with IFH will attend the event,” Badri added.

She said that at the end of the day, children with disabilities will receive gifts alongside entertaining activities. Persons with disabilities will also be invited to paint three murals. On the first one they will write a message for IFH; the second will show their hand prints; and on the third, there will be an empty space for them to fill with any message or information they would like to convey.

“A musical band composed of players and singers with disabilities will play at the event,” Badri added.

Badri emphasized that the center will make sure that people will be wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. She noted that only 20 visitors per hour are allowed to enter the center and that they will be organized and distributed to different services by a group of volunteers.

Ghadeer Al Hares, assistant secretary-general for technical affairs at HCD, said in a phone interview with Jordan News that the main goal of the event, which is completely sponsored by the council, is to reach out to the largest segment possible of people with disabilities, especially those who cannot go to hospitals or health centers for different reasons, in order to raise health awareness among them.

“Those who will be tested and diagnosed with specific health problems will be referred to one of the centers affiliated with IFH,” Hares said.

“Under the three-year partnership between IFH and HCD, the council will provide financial support to set up and prepare the center to be easily accessible and fully equipped with all the needs to receive and accommodate people with disabilities,” she added.

“According to the agreement, six centers will be configured and equipped, two per annum,” Ah Hares said.

Salah Salaitah, project coordinator at the Nuzha Community Support Center, said that under the JOHUD-IFH partnership, which is supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the center will be hosting the event, equipping all facilities and organizing the entry and exit of visitors according to public health measures.

“In total, there are 51 centers that carries Princess Basma’s name deployed across the kingdom, and the host center is one of them,” Salaiteh told Jordan News.

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