More spending envisaged in draft general budget

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — The planned volume of expenditure in the general budget for 2022 for public and independent government departments.

The volume of public and independent government units expenditure in the draft general budget for 2022 reaches JD12.181 billion, up from the JD11.193 billion initial estimate, marking a JD988 million increase, or 8.84 percent, which is expected to significantly increase capital expenditure, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

An extensive study conducted by Al-Ghad News shows that JD2.05 billion was allocated for capital expenditure for 2022, up from the initial estimate of  JD1.45 billion, an increase of JD599 million, distributed among three items in the budget.

The current expenditure of the central government and its independent units stood at JD10.124 billion in 2021, up from the JD9.337 billion initially re-estimated, registering a JD787 million increase, or 8.42 per cent.

The general revenues estimated in the draft budget law 2022 stand at JD9.101 billion, JD671 million more than estimated in 2021.

Public revenues stand at JD8.912 billion, up from the JD8.141 billion estimated in 2021, an increase of JD771 million.

Local revenues in the central draft budget are estimated to reach JD7.801 billion, of which JD6.084 billion dinars are tax revenues, up from the JD5.499 billion estimated in 2021.

Public expenditures in the draft budget for 2022 are estimated at JD10.668 billion, JD771 million, or 8 percent, more than the JD9.869 billion initially estimated.

The value of the public debt interest in the 2021 draft is estimated at JD1.428 billion.

The 2022 deficit after grants is estimated at JD1.756 billion, 5.2 percent of the GDP, up from the JD1.728 billion initial estimation. 

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