Ministers Meet Donors, Financial Institutions to Discuss Public Sector Modernization

Ministers Meet Donors, Financial Institutions to Discuss Public Sector Modernization
AMMAN - Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernization, Nasser Sharida, together with Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Zeina Tuqan, convened on Wednesday with ambassadors and representatives from donor nations and financial institutions.اضافة اعلان

The primary agenda of the meeting, held at the Ministry of Planning, was to provide updates on the progress of the executive program outlined in the public sector modernization roadmap and to secure necessary funding for the program.

During the session, Sharida delivered a comprehensive overview of the milestones achieved under the executive program for the public sector modernization roadmap spanning 2022-2025, organized into three key axes: service development, institutional enhancement, and legislative reform.

He highlighted that the progress rate in modernizing the public sector through the executive program had reached 90 percent completion of scheduled objectives for 2023.

Sharida elaborated on notable achievements within each axis: In service development, he revealed that 45% of services had been digitized and automated, encompassing 1,077 government services, alongside the deployment of 5G services in four governorates, in addition to the operation of three government service centers.

Regarding institutional development, the minister emphasized the establishment of the Public Service and Administration Commission and the initiation of a program aimed at fortifying institutional culture, slated for implementation across 50 ministries and government departments this year.

Addressing legislative initiatives, he referred to the array of legislation endorsed by the government to institutionalize operations across various axes, including the civil service system.

Sharida delineated the prominent features of the work priorities for 2024, consisting of 51 objectives spanning government services, procedural enhancements, digitization, organizational structuring, governance, policy formulation, institutional culture, human resources, and legislative endeavors.

Minister Tuqan reiterated Jordan's steadfast commitment to administrative modernization, aimed at augmenting citizen services and optimizing governmental efficiency to realize a proficient public sector in alignment with the economic modernization vision.

She expressed gratitude to donors and financial institutions for their support, urging continued backing towards Jordan's pursuit of administrative reform objectives.

In response, ambassadors, donors, and representatives from UN agencies and funding institutions commended Jordan's advancements in administrative reform and lauded the accomplishments in this domain.

They pledged sustained support for the sector modernization program's objectives for 2024 and 2025, aimed at fostering comprehensive and sustainable growth.

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