Mercy Corps Jordan: empowering growth and community

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(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — Darius Radcliffe, the Country Director of Mercy Corps in Jordan, stated on Wednesday that the organization aims to enhance diverse, dynamic economic opportunities that foster sustainable and comprehensive growth in Jordan while also improving water and energy management practices.اضافة اعلان

Radcliffe emphasized the organization's commitment to empowering communities to become more influential. He explained that Mercy Corps operates through several key initiatives, focusing on bolstering a range of economic opportunities that contribute to sustainable growth, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

This includes creating tangible job prospects for youth and addressing water security by implementing programs and projects aimed at developing water resource management, ensuring source sustainability, and effectively managing the sector. Radcliffe highlighted that water scarcity remains one of Jordan's foremost challenges.

Furthermore, Radcliffe emphasized the importance of peace and good governance as central goals for the Foundation. They aspire to achieve these objectives by increasing employment opportunities for young generations, equipping them with the necessary skills to overcome challenges, fostering greater participation in public activities, promoting cohesion among local communities, and empowering women in the realms of peace and governance.

Radcliffe clarified that all Foundation programs and projects align seamlessly with the plans and programs of the Jordanian government. This alignment ensures that institutions and international organizations understand the priorities of work and how to develop projects based on the paths that lead to sustainable and comprehensive development goals.

Radcliffe noted the high level of cooperation from partner agencies in Jordan, highlighting their commitment to overcoming obstacles, providing valuable information, and sharing research results to support the success of Mercy Corps' programs, projects, and initiatives in Jordan. These efforts come with approximately $130 million earmarked for long-term funding to cover the financial costs of these projects, facilitated through the support and collaboration of international partners.

Additionally, Radcliffe acknowledged that Jordan faces a significant challenge in hosting refugees, necessitating support and assistance from the international community. Despite limited funding, Mercy Corps has provided substantial aid to refugees both inside and outside the camps.

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