Krishan lauds gov't policy to deal with pro-Palestine protests

Krishan lauds gov't policy to deal with pro-Palestine protests
National - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration, Tawfiq Krishan, Friday evening attended the Iftar banquet held by Ajloun Municipality for sanitation workers at the military retirees’ club in the governorate.اضافة اعلان

Speaking at the event, Krishan said "Jordan is resilient despite conspiracies being plotted against it to undermine its national unity, sow division, and create division among Jordanian cohesive society."

Krishan also pointed to the self-restraint and capability of Jordan's public security personnel to deal with all professionalism and effectiveness to protect citizens to peacefully express their opinions and demands.

To date, Krishan indicated that "no person was arrested for a political reason despite the continued protests for six months across the Kingdom."

Krishan pointed to the necessity of holding accountable all people attempting to tamper with the nation’s capabilities and abuse public security personnel.

Additionally, he lauded sanitation workers' efforts to maintain cleanliness of Jordanian cities, residential neighborhoods, and streets within municipal boundaries.

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