Jordanian women have more equality — Pinner

(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)

AMMAN — More equality between men and women has been achieved in Jordan recently, World Bank’s Resident Representative in Jordan Holly Pinner said, according to a local media outlet.اضافة اعلان

Pinner’s comment came during a workshop the World Bank convened in the Dead Sea on Women, Business, and Law. The event was organized by the Ministerial Committee for Women’s Empowerment.

The workshop aims to highlight the legislative amendments which Jordanian women need to improve their work environment and attain economic empowerment, which would elevate Jordan’s standing in a World Bank report.

Pinner said that “more equality between men and women has been achieved in Jordan recently,” the economic empowerment of Jordanian women has been strengthened and the National Women’s Strategy has been developed.

Pinner pointed to the importance of the royal vision in modernization, which will achieve an evolution in the field of women’s political and economic opportunities, indicating that more equal societies lead to more resilient economies.

The workshop, which will run for two days, was attended by Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Nasser Al-Shraideh, Minister of State for Media Affairs Faisal Shboul, and Minister of State for Legal Affairs and Head of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Women Empowerment, Wafa Bani Mustafa.

Others participaiting included several secretaries-general and representatives of relevant institutions, as well as Pinner.

According to Bani Mustafa, this year’s World Bank report revealed that 2.4 billion women worldwide of working age do not have equal economic opportunities, and that 178 countries create legal barriers to hamper their full economic participation. She said that the report demonstrated that 95 nations do not guarantee women equal pay in work of equal value.

Bani Mustafa revealed that Jordan’s points are close to half, and in the entrepreneurship hub it has 100/100 points.

Jordan, through the ministerial committee for the empowerment of women and the output of the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System, seeks to address women’s issues and their economic and political empowerment, improve the situation of women workers and create new opportunities for them by lifting legal barriers.

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