Jordanian novelist passes away

الروائية ليلى الأطرش تشارك في برنامج _أيوا_ للكتابة الإبداعية
(Photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — Jordanian novelist and writer Laila Al-Atrash passed away on Sunday, according to Al-Ghad News.

Atrash devoted her writing to defending humanitarian, social, and women’s issues through nine novels, literary works, articles, press investigations, television programs, and works of theater.اضافة اعلان

As an editor of the "Hewar Al-Qalam" website, she called for rejecting extremism and social and intellectual violence, and spreading the values of tolerance, coexistence, and non-discrimination.

Through her position as head of the “Jordanian PEN” center, a branch of the international organization known by the same name that defends freedom of expression, she worked to change the stereotypical image of Arabs and Muslims among the world’s writers, as well as introduce Arab writers, thinkers, and translators to the world.

Atrash was born in Beit Sahour and has a bachelor’s in law. Atrash has won many awards, namely the State Appreciation Award in Literature in Palestine 2017. Her novel “Taraneem Al-Guaiah” was long listed for the Arab Booker Prize in 2016, and she was chosen among the most influential women writers, and one of the 60 most successful Women in the Arab World, among many other achievements.

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