Jordanian Pavilion Inaugurated at Saudi Food Show 2024

Jordanian Pavilion Inaugurated at Saudi Food Show 2024
Amman - Jordan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Haitham Abu Al Foul, inaugurated the Jordanian pavilion at the second edition of the Saudi Food Show 2024 in Riyadh on Tuesday evening.اضافة اعلان

According to a statement by the Jordan Exporters Association, which organized the Jordanian participation in the event, Ambassador Abu Al-Foul commended the high quality of Jordanian industries and emphasized the significant role of the sector’s exports in driving the national economy.

He acknowledged the efforts of the Association in promoting Jordanian exports and their active participation in the Saudi market through this exhibition.

The Jordanian pavilion, covering 400 square meters, features 30 companies specializing in diverse food sectors. The exhibition includes more than a thousand exhibitors from over 100 countries.

Association President Ahmed Khudari highlighted that the participation of Jordanian companies in the event aims to diversify and increase food industry products and provide new platforms for exporters.

He underscored the association’s commitment to enhancing the presence of industrial companies and exporters in international forums and exhibitions. This effort aims to bolster the competitiveness of Jordanian products, explore new export markets, and strengthen the country’s economic ties globally.

Additionally, Khudari highlighted the strategic importance of the Saudi market for Jordanian industrial exports, citing the strong bilateral relationship and geographical proximity between the two countries.

Halim Abu Rahma, Director General of the Association, emphasized that the exhibition offers Jordanian companies a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments, exchange experiences, and explore new partnerships and business deals.

Furthermore, Abu Rahma highlighted the collaborative relationship between the Jordan Exporters Association and the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry in supporting industrial exporters and enhancing their presence in international exhibitions to access vital and key markets.

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