Jordan e-services surge: 500K digital IDs activated, minister reveals

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AMMANDigital Economy and Entrepreneurship Minister, Ahmad Hanandeh, highlighted on Saturday the significant strides Jordan has taken in digitizing government services. More than half a million Jordanians have successfully activated their digital IDs, facilitating swift access to e-services.اضافة اعلان

During a panel discussion titled "Future Services," held at the government forum "The Modernization Vision: A Year On," Hanandeh emphasized that the digital registry will grant citizens comprehensive access to all government services. He added that his ministry collaborates with government institutions to validate their procedures, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

Considerable talent and expertise
Hanandeh noted that Jordan boasts considerable talent and expertise in the technology and digital transformation realm. However, the public sector currently faces a deficit in recruiting skilled personnel. He mentioned that the ministry, in partnership with the private sector, aims to bridge this gap.

Discussing the ministry's notable accomplishments, Hanandeh announced the official launch of the electronic document management system for the financial and banking sector. Additionally, the payment systems at the Central Bank were integrated with the sector's document system to streamline transactions for citizens.

Promotional campaigns were also initiated to stimulate institutional investment. Institutional funds and portfolios were established for investing in the securities market. These efforts encompassed the introduction of videos, publications, lectures, and discussions focused on securities investment.

Hanandeh informed that comprehensive studies, designs, and tender documents were prepared for the planned economic city with Iraq. The tender process was set in motion, and bids were received for evaluation.

Moreover, he shared that microfinance company costs had been reduced through loans granted by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. The second installment of a $4.9 million loan for selected enterprises has been disbursed. The program has benefited a total of 521 enterprises, comprising 260 micro enterprises, 150 small enterprises, and 111 professional, artisan, and self-employed enterprises.

Regarding technology advancements, Hanandeh mentioned that 5G services have been partially launched in several Jordanian cities in an initial phase. The services are expected to be accessible nationwide by the end of the year.

Addressing key challenges, he identified stimulating the capital market, dealing with multiple partners offering the same service who are hesitant to collaborate, insufficient digital transformation teams within several government institutions, and inadequate regulation of the e-commerce market.

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