JHCO’s aid reaches 43 countries around the world, says Secretary-General

JHCO’s aid reaches 43 countries around the world, says Secretary-General
Amman - The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) Secretary-General, Hussein Shebli, said that the JHCO's foreign aid reaches nearly 43 countries around the world, as it has worked since its establishment to deliver aid wherever there is a humanitarian need regardless of religion, race and origin, and this has been Jordan's long stand.اضافة اعلان

During a dialogue meeting organized by the Amman Group for Future Dialogues on Tuesday on Jordan's relief role through the JHCO, Shebli added that the JHCO has become a model for charitable work for many Arab countries that think about creating an umbrella for charitable and humanitarian work, noting that many Arab charitable organizations have used Jordanian expertise in this field.

Shebli highlighted a range of programs carried out by the JHCO inside Jordan, indicating that the JHCO carries out seasonal projects that include the distribution of food parcels, clothing for the needy, winter needs, heating coupons, school bags, stationery and sacrifices, in addition to educational projects, direct cash support projects such as sponsorship for orphans and needy families, emergency projects for distressed families, support for health centers and agreements with international organizations to establish them, and empowerment projects through rehabilitation and training to establish small sustainable projects where a total of 83,000 beneficiaries reached a total value of one million beneficiaries.

He pointed out that the Charity Clothes Bank (CCB) project, which was established in 2013 with the aim of providing clothing for the needy in the Kingdom, has benefited nearly two million people, where the JHCO distributes 4 pieces of clothing for each family member, in addition to two pairs of shoes through a showroom through which the person does natural shopping to ensure that the beneficiary feels comfortable, indicating that another bank has been created in the south and there are efforts to open a bank in the north, in addition to mobile salons on a daily basis that go to areas of need, not to mention a database from the National Aid Fund to select the most needy people.

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