INT@J explores job opportunities for Jordanians in Iraq

(Photo: Petra)
(Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j) on Saturday released a statement discussing job opportunities and regulations for Jordanian companies and investors in Iraq.اضافة اعلان

In the statement, the Jordanian ambassador to Iraq Muntaser Al-Oqlah said that the Iraqi government’s efforts to reach digital economy will provide Jordanian companies with opportunities that others do not have.

The economic consultant at the Jordanian embassy in Iraq, Rami Al-Qudah said that the Iraqi market is in need for expertise in programming, cybersecurity, website design, and mobile app development to raise its competitiveness.    

The Jordanian Embassy in Iraq said it is willing to provide full support for Jordanian investors, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

The embassy added that the Iraqi Embassy in Amman is coordinating with their Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior to lift visa restrictions on Jordanians.

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