House approves supplement to general budget bill

Member and rapporteur of the joint committee, MP Saleh Al-Wukhian, told Jordan News that the name of the law has been changed to become "the municipalities and governorate councils law” instead of “th
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — In its morning session held on Monday, the Lower House voted to approve the supplement to the general budget bill for the year 2021.

The House Finance Committee had earlier voted to approve the budget supplement bill, which distributes a US grant amounting to JD268 million to original budget law.اضافة اعلان

MP Tamam Al-Riyati criticized the way the grant was distributed and suggested distributing it to three projects serving the north, middle, and south of the Kingdom.  Representative Safaa Al-Momani and a number of deputies agreed with Riyati’s suggestion.

Representative Suleiman Abu Yahya told Jordan News that the supplement contains current expenses and does not include capital expenditures that establish sustainable projects and create job opportunities for unemployed youth.

After a long debate, a majority of deputies voted on the Finance Committee's bill and approved it.

The deputies also approved the anti-money laundering and financing terrorism bill for the year 2020, which was returned by the Senate. Representatives approved all of the amendments that were endorsed by the Senate.

In the evening session, the House of Representatives started discussions on the municipalities and decentralization bill for the year 2021. Lawmakers approved naming the municipalities and decentralization law to “The Local Administration Law," after it was approved by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (legal and administrative).

The parliament approved a number of articles in the bill as they were endorsed by the Joint Parliamentary Committee. The discussion on the bill will be completed at the beginning of the next session on Wednesday.

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