Global workshop on public-private partnership kicks off in Amman

Global workshop on public-private partnership kicks off in Amman
Amman - Investment Minister Kholoud Saqqaf inaugurated a workshop on public-private partnership projects on Tuesday in Amman, jointly organized by the Ministry, the World Bank Group, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).اضافة اعلان

Saqqaf described partnership projects as a novel approach aimed at maximizing synergies between the public and private sectors.

She emphasized their role in advancing economic modernization and achieving sustainable development goals, underscoring the importance of collaboration for economic growth and enhanced outcomes.

The Minister highlighted the benefits of private sector involvement, including access to capital, expertise in project management, and resource expansion, leading to improved project efficiency and service quality.

The workshop aims to identify potential projects eligible for public-private partnerships, fostering economic growth and attracting investments across various sectors.

Saqqaf emphasized the significance of a supportive regulatory framework and government commitment to incentivize private sector participation.

Under the Investment Environment Law, the Public-Private Partnership Unit now operates under the Ministry of Investment, reflecting the government's dedication to creating an attractive investment climate and streamlining regulatory processes, according to the minister.

Saqqaf underscored the importance of the 2023 law on partnership projects, aimed at simplifying procedures, expediting decision-making, and streamlining project oversight.

Khawaja Aftab, IFC Regional Director for the Middle East, reaffirmed the World Bank's commitment to collaborating with the Jordanian government to promote private sector engagement through public-private partnerships.

He cited successful past endeavors, such as the development of Queen Alia International Airport, as examples of the potential for infrastructure development and foreign investment attraction.

The two-day workshop includes sector-specific sessions on infrastructure, energy, logistics, water, and waste management. It brings together experts from the World Bank, the IFC, and the public sector to identify viable partnership projects for implementation.

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