Despite losses and price hikes, food sector ‘optimistic’ about the future

(Photo: Jordan News)
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Representatives of the food sector in Jordan expressed their optimism about the coming days especially that the recent governmental measures have helped improve the sector's performance.اضافة اعلان

On the other hand, traders appealed for the abolition of taxes and customs on goods and foodstuffs without exception, in addition to enhancing the Kingdom's stock of basic commodities to help deal with any fluctuations in global markets and signing free trade agreements with countries like Turkey, especially that the price of commodities continues to rise in light of rising oil prices and shipping costs.

President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Nael Kabariti, told Jordan News that "the current customs tariffs which are exceptionally high affect prices and charges of shipping which reflects directly on the customers and the prices of goods."

Kabariti stressed the need to take quick measures related to reducing customs fees and postponing taxes paid in advance on merchandise bound to Jordan, in addition to finding alternatives through air cargo over sea cargo for some goods that are imported at a lower cost."

From his side, Khalil Haj Tawfik, head of Amman Chamber of Commerce, told Jordan News that "we should be aware that people are affected from some economic decisions just as the merchants; people might not be able to buy their needs due to high costs."

Tawfik explained that "we are all under the same umbrella; everyone is just as affected as the other; when the merchant suffers, people suffer too. We all have to work together because we cannot handle any more losses especially that we keep on repeating the same mistakes every time."

Fares Al-Fares, a food merchant, told Jordan News that “before the pandemic, I used to get my goods from abroad at a lesser cost and that means that I can sell them to people at reasonable prices. Nowadays, I suffer from high shipping costs therefore I have to raise my prices."

"Government should support us, by abolishing high taxes or at least reducing them, I cannot deny that our conditions are better nowadays, but at the same time, our losses throughout last two years were too high and we need to work hard to offset some of our losses. There is no time for more losses or we will be in a big trouble," Fares added.  

On another hand, Abd Al Elah Al Hamawi, president of the Bakery Owners Association told Jordan News that "despite everything that has happened and despite our great losses, we are still optimistic that the coming days are better."

Hamawi explained that tourists used to come and buy different type of Arabic bread in large quantities, and this used to enhance our sales and help us in increasing our profits but due to the pandemic the numbers of tourists had dramatically dropped.
"I can say that the demand on bread has decreased between 30-40 percent, and this is a significant loss," he said, adding that "we cannot anticipate what the other repercussions the pandemic will have on the sector, but still I am optimistic that tomorrow is a better day."

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