Court awards patient JD400,00 for medical error

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Amman’s Court of First Instance awarded a medical compensation of JD400,000 to a man who was left with severe brain damage and paralysis following a nasal septum deviation surgery, Ammon News reported.اضافة اعلان

It is the first time that a Jordanian court awards such a large sum to a victim of medical error,  underscoring that the Jordanian judiciary  will be looking more closely on such cases, possibly clamping down on perpetrators and the medical institutions employing them.

The decision was issued by a judicial body specialized in medical errors at the Amman Court of First Instance, headed by Judge Andab Ibrahim Al-Hamoud.

The court said the hospital where the unidentified man underwent the procedure 13 years ago was guilty of neglect and had committed a medical error, which left the patient paralyzed in the upper and lower limbs. It said he needed constant and lifelong medical care.

To that end, the court obliged the hospital to pay the patient JD400,000 with 9 percent in legal interest.

The court said that it found that the patient had received a substantial amount of sedation from an unlicensed anesthesiologist working at the hospital, and that he was left in the ICU without adequate attention to his case.

Yusra Abdelhadi, head of the National Association for Therapeutic Safety (Salamtak), said the court’s ruling ”will not compensate the young man for what he had lost, but the rule of law and justice must be served”.

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