Cabinet bans export of commodities, sets maritime shipping caps

minister of trade maha ali
Minister of Trade, Industry and Supply Maha Al-Ali (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — Minister of Trade, Industry and Supply Maha Al-Ali on Thursday pointed to a Cabinet decision banning the export of basic commodities to give priority to local markets.اضافة اعلان

On Wednesday, the Cabinet set a cap on the prices of sea freight, which had multiplied during the pandemic, for purposes of calculating taxes and customs duties, with the outcome being in favor of the end-users.

The measures include enhancing market control to enable the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply to take the necessary steps to set price ceilings on basic supply commodities when needed, among other measures to control the market

In remarks to Al-Mamlaka, Al-Ali underlined that such steps seek to shield the prices of local commodities from potential increase, brought about by hikes in global shipping prices.

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