COVID-19 cases expected to raise due to Omicron

‘Epidemiological situation still under control’

1. COVID Vaccine
A health worker administering a COVID-19 vaccine in Amman. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Saeed Jaradat, member of the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiological Committee, said that the number of infections with the corona virus will increase in the coming period due to the spread of the Omicron variant. اضافة اعلان

Jaradat urged citizens to adhere to the safety measures, such as wearing masks and keeping physical distancing, "as well as take the three doses of vaccine, a measure that will protect you from getting infected or, at least, will relieve symptoms and thus prevent you from being hospitalized".

He said that the third dose contributes to raising the immunity, "and we must raise our immunity to fight the virus, especially that Omicron has the ability to circumvent the antibodies", Jaradat told Jordan News.

What made the epidemiological situation worse than at the time the Delta wave was sweeping Jordan, he said, is the spread of the Omicron mutant, "which caused an overlap of these two mutants and contributed to the increase in the number of infections".

However, he said, Omicron is less severe than Delta, he said, adding that admission to hospitals in the northern region reached 26 percent these days while in the central region it reached 35 percent, and “the number of deaths has begun to decrease".

“Usually the Omicron mutant affects those aged 35 or less, but this does not mean that we should not take all the necessary precautionary measures, as it may pose a risk to the elderly and those with chronic diseases," he said.

Najwa Khoury, another member of the Epidemiological Committee, told Jordan News that the epidemiological situation in Jordan is still under control, despite the fact the number of cases increased "and are expected to raise even more in the upcoming days".

Khoury also stressed the need to comply with all the necessary safety measures "and take the three doses of the vaccine, as it is the best way for us to eliminating the spread of COVID-19 and, in particular, of the Omicron mutant".

She said that the epidemiological situation in Jordan is still under control, as most of the infected cases have mild symptoms "and therefore they do not need to be hospitalized".

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