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July 2 2022 8:48 PM ˚
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COVID-19 cases expected to increase, abidance by safety measures needed

A health worker conducting a COVID-19 PCR test in Amman. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
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AMMAN — Member of the National Committee for Epidemiology Najwa Khoury told Jordan News that there are concerns about an expected increase in COVID-19 cases, adding that “it is our responsibility to not let the cases increase, "we have to adhere to the safety measures, such as committing to the masks and social distancing, and to also take the three doses of the vaccine to raise our immunity". اضافة اعلان

Khoury said that the cadres of the Ministry of Health are conducting thousands of PCR tests every day, and that despite the fact that the percentage of positive tests is high, not all infected cases are symptomatic or need medication and hospitals, “which is a good indication that the epidemiological situation in Jordan is still under control".

According to Khoury, there are always concerns because the Omicron variant, in particular, spreads rapidly, but "there is nothing we can do except adhering to the safety measures and taking the vaccine".

So far, according to the Ministry of Health data, more than 13,000 people died in Jordan as a result of the virus.

According to the global “Word Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring statistics on the coronavirus epidemic, the total number of cases around the world reached some 331,6 million, of which about 269,1 million were cured. The virus has claimed the lives of about 5,5 million people around the world.

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