At 335,000, Jordanians constitute 3% of Arabs living in Brazil

rio de janeiro
Rio De Janeiro. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — According to a study commissioned by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, some 335,000 Jordanians live in Brazil, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

Brazil’s population is estimated at 214 million, of whom more than 11.5 million are Arabs and of Arab origin.

According to the study, the Lebanese constitute the largest percentage of Arabs in Brazil, at 27 percent, while the Jordanians constitute 3 percent of the Arab community there.

According to the study, Syrians constitute 13 percent of the Arab community in Brazil, followed by 6 percent Moroccans, 6 percent Saudis, 5 percent Egyptians, 5 percent Palestinians, 3 percent Algerians, 3 percent Libyans, 3 percent Somalis, 1 percent Bahrainis, and 1 percent Qataris.

Muslims make up 16 percent of the Brazilian population.

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