Association calls on gov’t to halt unregulated car imports

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(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordan’s General Association for Automobile Dealers and Traders of Automobile Parts has called on government agencies to take legal measures to stop the phenomenon of unregulated imports of electric cars that are not guaranteed and not recognized by manufacturing companies.اضافة اعلان

This follows the recent decision of the UAE government to temporarily halt the import of Chinese-made Volkswagen electric cars, in response to Volkswagen's ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, and ID.6 models recalls worldwide due to a battery defect.

In a statement on Thursday carried by Khaberni, the association called on concerned government agencies to verify the guarantees offered by some merchants on Chinese-manufactured electric cars and to protect consumers from fake guarantees that do not come with insurance cover as stipulated by law and do not provide real protection for the rights of car purchasers, especially regarding the provision of original spare parts and legal software updates, not pirated ones.

Unapproved exportsThe association confirmed that some electric cars have been imported from China through Chinese dealers without the knowledge or approval of the manufacturers, who prohibit the export of these cars outside of China.

These exported cars do not enjoy the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty, and the manufacturer bears no responsibility towards them and is not obligated to provide original parts or software necessary for updates, or to carry out recalls later if the need arises.

Investigation and legal measuresThe manufacturers of electric cars in China are working with Chinese partners to investigate how these cars leaked outside China in violation of their agreements, and all legal means are being taken to prevent this phenomenon, both inside China and abroad, as seen in the United Arab Emirates.

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