Al-Abdallat Stresses Government's Commitment to Digital Protection

Al-Abdallat Stresses Government's Commitment to Digital Protection
Amman - Dr. Khalil Al-Abdallat, Director of the Human Rights Unit in the Prime Minister's Office, underscored Jordan's leadership in ensuring digital protection amid the global technological advancements under the stewardship of His Majesty King Abdullah II.اضافة اعلان

Speaking at the inaugural session of discussions on digital violence against female journalists on Tuesday, Al-Abdallat reiterated the government's unwavering commitment to prioritizing violence prevention and bolstering digital security measures.

He emphasized the government's dedication to upholding the rights of journalists, regardless of gender, and providing a secure environment for their professional endeavors, both in physical and virtual realms.

Al-Abdallat called for collaborative efforts to address the challenges faced by female journalists in the digital sphere, emphasizing their crucial role in disseminating accurate information and fostering public discourse.

He highlighted the press as a cornerstone of democracy and human rights advocacy, noting the government's legislative and policy initiatives aimed at safeguarding press freedom and journalist safety.

Emphasizing the importance of proactive engagement with stakeholders, Al-Abdallat outlined the government's efforts to develop robust strategies to counter digital violence and ensure the protection of journalists' rights.

Rania Sarayrah, coordinator of the Network for Combating Digital Violence against Female Journalists in Jordan, highlighted the vulnerability of female journalists to digital violence and called for concerted action from governmental bodies, NGOs, media entities, and technology firms to address this issue effectively.

Sarayrah stressed the importance of integrating digital protection and safety into journalistic training and advocating for awareness of best practices for online security among journalists.

She recommended proactive measures such as employing strong passwords, updating security software, encrypting communications, and avoiding sharing sensitive information through unsecured channels to mitigate risks effectively.

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