43 prosecution witnesses take stand in Salt hospital case

salt hospital
Security officers are seen at the entrance of Salt Public Hospital. (Photo: Ameer Khalifa/JNews)
AMMAN — The Amman Criminal Court has concluded listening to all 43 witnesses in the oxygen outage case at a public hospital in Salt, which lead to the death of seven people.اضافة اعلان

During Thursday’s session, the director of the hospital, who took office on the next day following the incident, said in his testimony that the nursing staff at the hospital was insufficient when the incident occurred, noting that there were 159 COVID-19 patients receiving treatment at the hospital at the time; 127 in the ordinary care division, 25 in moderate care, and seven in the intensive care unit.

He added that there were 18 nurses at the hospital on the day of the incident, and, as per international standards, each six to eight patients in normal cases require the attention of one or two nurses, while in intensive care, each one or two patients are seen by one nurse.

The director said that following the incident, all hospitals began monitoring their oxygen tanks, particularly at the administrative level.

The court is scheduled to hear testimonies from nine experts in its next session on Sunday, after which the defense witnesses will take the stand, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

All 13 defendants charged in relation to the case pleaded “not guilty” in the first public hearing of the case.

The defendants are facing seven counts of charges causing death by association, in breach of articles 343 and 76 of the Penal Code.