A leap of faith into a new century

Khalid Dalal
Khalid Dalal (Photo:JNews)
The fact that Jordan is marking its 100th anniversary, having survived formidable challenges in a turbulent region, is the key achievement this generation should celebrate, thanks to the wisdom of our leaders, whose domestic and foreign policies have remained consistent and geared towards one goal: the welfare of Jordan and its people, and peace for all in the region.اضافة اعلان

Examples of such challenges are countless. To name a few, the country has had to deal with numerous Mideast conflicts, external conspiracies, economic challenges, the Arab Spring, and more significantly, wave after wave of refugees. The way Jordan approached each and every one of these episodes remains a living example of how challenges can be turned into opportunities.

Speaking of challenges, what we need to do now is to introduce this estimable legacy to the younger generation. In other words, the media, the educational system, and all leaders and influencers, including families, should work in tandem not merely to plant historical facts into the minds of youth, but to make them believe in this country’s ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel — its ability to move on stronger, more confident, more respected by the world, and forever reliable as a peace partner and broker. The spirit has never died and as Jordan walks into the second century of its life, we need to make sure that the future generation has all the tools and — most importantly — the faith to keep the torch alight.

It is true that we are celebrating the 100th birthday of the Kingdom amid a stubborn pandemic and a crippling economic crisis, and that some frustration is therefore justifiable. However, we have history to teach us that our country has seen more difficult times and proved wrong those who have bet on its failure. The fact that our head is still above the water is a victory in itself, and a source of hope that we will make it to a better future. After all, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

We need to have our narrative ready. We need to tell the world our story, and here Jordan News steps forward as a modern, truly 21st-century multichannel media organization. Jordan News is here to join the voices speaking for Jordan amid skepticism and growing doubts over the ability of professional media to survive in the chaos of fake news and loud voices that want us to cease believing that tomorrow is a better day.